Non-European Residents: Eurail Passes

Eurail ( passes can be bought only by residents of non-European countries and should be purchased before arriving in Europe.

Similar to the InterRail pass, Eurail issues a ‘Global Pass’ covering 28 countries – the UK (except Northern Ireland) and North Macedonia are not included. While the pass is valid on some private train lines in the region, if you plan to travel extensively in Switzerland, be warned that the many private rail networks and cable cars, especially in the Jungfrau region around Interlaken, don’t give Eurail discounts. A Swiss Pass or Half-Fare Card might be an alternative or necessary addition.

The pass is valid for a set number of consecutive days (up to three months) or a set number of days within a period of time (for up to two months). Those 27 or under can buy a Eurail Youth pass. For over 28s a full-fare Eurail pass is required. First and second class options are available and up to two children aged between four and 11 can travel free on an adult pass.

Alternatively, there is the Select pass, which allows you to nominate two, three or four bordering countries in which you wish to travel, and then buy a pass allowing five, six, eight or 10 travel days in a two-month period. The five- and six-day passes offer an attractive price break, but for more expensive options, the continuous pass becomes better value.

There are also Eurail National Passes for just one country.

Two to five people travelling together can get a Saver version of all Eurail passes for a 15% discount.