Tourist Information in Mt Wenchi

Wenchi Eco Tourism Association

The Wenchi Eco Tourism Association, the office of which is located a kilometre or so before the parking area on the Ambo side of the crater, provides the compulsory guide (Birr200 for up to five people) and optional…
Tourist Information in Mizan Tefari

Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise

These are the people you'll need to convince to let you visit the Bebeka Coffee Plantation – ring them or visit to arrange a letter of introduction, but you'll still have to argue with them at the plantation gate to…
Tourist Information in Tepi

Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise

This office oversees the coffee industry, so this is who you should see if you want to visit Tepi's Coffee Plantation.
Bank in Jimma

Dashen Bank

Currency-exchange services and an ATM that accepts Visa. There’s another Dashen ATM outside the Honey Land Hotel.
Bank in Ambo

Dashen Bank

You’ll find a Dashen bank with an ATM accepting Visa cards on Ambo's main drag.
Doctor in Nekemte

Hiwot Clinic

A better bet than the local hospital.
Tourist Information in Nekemte

Culture & Tourism Office

Moderately useful tourist office.
Telephone in Jimma

Telecommunications Office

Post in Jimma

Post Office

Bank in Nekemte

Commercial Bank