National Park in Mago National Park

Mago National Park

Although by Ethiopian standards wildlife is fairly abundant in this dramatically beautiful 2162-sq-km park, there’s no chance of an East African-safari-style experience. Poaching remains a problem and the thick...

Ethiopian in Jinka

Redu Café & Restaurant

This restaurant-cum-cafe serves pastas, burgers and excellent Ethiopian fare – among the 15 or so local dishes, we recommend the kwanta fir fir (strips of beef served with injera). The walls are adorned with...

Market in Jinka


Jinka’s famous Saturday market, the largest in the region, sits 300m northwest of the roundabout. It attracts a variety of ethnic groups including Ari, Banna, Mursi and sometimes Bashada. Though smaller and...

Ethiopian in Jinka

Besha Gojo Restaurant

Right on the main drag, this popular place has won accolades for its eclectic menu, which includes Ethiopian classics – think shiro (chickpea purée) and tibs – as well as roasted lamb, salads and soups. The...

Ethiopian in Jinka

Sipara Restaurant

This attractive option slap bang in the centre of town is high on atmosphere, with an attractive compound and a verdant setting. The menu covers enough territory to please most palates, including salads, meat...

Museum in Jinka

South-Omo Museum & Research Centre

Perched on a hill northeast of town (look for the green roof), this museum hosts an interesting exhibition on the region's cultures. There’s also a collection of ethnographic DVDs to view.

Ethiopian in Dimeka

National Tourist Hotel

This is usually where tourists have lunch after visiting the markets. It's a modest affair, with a very limited menu featuring a few Ethiopian dishes and, if you're lucky, pasta.