Southern Ethiopia in detail

Flights & getting there

Ethiopian Airlines connects Addis Ababa with both Arba Minch and Jinka.

Overland, there are three routes from Addis Ababa into southern Ethiopia. The shortest option to the Lower Omo Valley is the recently paved Hosaina road, which still feels remote with facilities fewer and further between and more basic than along the long-standing Rift Valley route. The latter heads southeast out of Addis and departs the Harar road 70km later at Mojo. Lastly, the paved Asela route takes you direct to the Bale Mountains.

There are also direct links from the western towns of Jimma (to Sodo) and Welkite (to Hosaina and Butajira) and from Kenya via Moyale and Omorate. Note that access from the southwest to the Lower Omo Valley has improved since the completion of two road bridges over the Omo River (in Omorate and Kangaten).

There’s public transport available along all routes except through Omorate.