Southern Ethiopia in detail


Rift Valley

The traditional route south via Meki, Ziway, Bulbula and Awasa follows one of our planet’s grandest geographical features: the massive Great Rift Valley. A 4000km scar that stretches from the Red Sea to Mozambique, it’s a work in progress, and millions of years from now the rifting process will have split Africa in two. The most visible manifestation of the subterranean forces in this area is a string of five lakes along the road.

Sodo to Arba Minch Drive

Eighteen kilometres out of Sodo, past little Humbo, you can see Lake Abaya in the distance as the road drops slowly into the Rift Valley. Thirty-eight kilometres out of Sodo you’ll cross a bridge and see a tall two-tiered waterfall on your right, unless it’s the dry season, when it disappears. From there, the road runs between the lake and the forest-clad Guge Mountains all the way to Arba Minch, tossing out some stunning scenery in the early stages. About 10km before Arba Minch is the turn-off for Dorze.