Dola-Mena Road

Top choice scenic drive in Bale Mountains National Park

There’s no need to trek at Bale Mountains National Park. Awesome scenery and abundant wildlife can be seen along the highest all-weather road in Africa. It takes you right through the park, up over the Sanetti Plateau and down into the Harenna Forest. With your own vehicle, the summit of Tullu Deemtu (4377m) can also be reached by 4WD from the Sanetti Plateau.

It’s best to leave early; pay park fees in Dinsho the day before. The long climb takes about 30 minutes from Goba and if you reach the plateau by 7am, you’re almost guaranteed to see Ethiopian wolves while they are out searching for food. They’re also usually visible from 10am to 4pm. Guides aren’t needed here, unless you plan to get out and walk, but they’re good at spotting wolves so you may want to bring one anyway.