Simien Mountains National Park in detail


The standard of accommodation in the area is improving, but outside of the two main lodges in the park, the hotels and campsites are simple.


Hotels in Debark range from very basic to simple but fine – sadly, it doesn't get much better than that.

On the Mountains

With a few exceptions, you’re required to camp at the official campsites (Birr10 per person). The three busy highland camps have showers and all the camps have long-drop loos as well as huts for your guides and scouts.

Sleeping and eating with locals used to be normal for trekkers, but it’s now actively discouraged by guides because they’ve dealt with so many trekkers complaining about the basic conditions. Your bed will most likely be the floor and you’ll share space with children, chickens, cows and fleas.

Funded by the Austrian government and managed by locals, the community lodges (Birr120) are simple two-room, four-bed dorms (at Buyit Ras, Geech and Chenek) offering an alternative to camping, though you should still bring a sleeping bag. Guests staying in them must still pay the park camping fee. Local meals (pasta, tibs, etc) and drinks are available.

There are also two excellent privately run lodges that make a priority of clean environmental practices.