Tigray in

One Day

If you're here on a flying visit – ie driving between Aksum and Mekele with just one night here, you're likely to be restricted to visiting just one of the two most popular monasteries – Abuna Yemata Guh or Maryam Korkor. You may also be able to squeeze in a quick stop at one of the roadside churches – Wukro Cherkos or Medhane Alem Kesho – on your way there, but it's all very rushed.

If you have issues of age and/or mobility and are unable to climb mountains to reach the churches (which is the case with many visitors), we recommend visiting the roadside churches mentioned above, as well as Abraha We Atsbeha.

Two Days

A two-night stay is, in our view, a recommended minimum and will enable you to visit all of the places listed in the one-day itinerary. Abraha We Atsbeha is also possible in this time frame.

If you're unable to climb, in addition to those churches that are easily reached alongside the road, you could plan a visit to Cheila as well as Maryam Papaseit; the latter requires a 1½-hour walk one way, but the climbing is minimal.

Three Days

Now you're talking. Building on the shorter itineraries, you could also add Maryam Papaseit and Abuna Abraham. Another option is the Atsbi Cluster, in particular Mikael Debre Selam and Mikael Imba.

Four Days & More

Further monasteries are possible, including Abuna Gebre Mikael, while you could also build in a one- or two-day trek, depending on how much time you have at your disposal.