There’s accommodation in many towns around the churches, but only Wukro, Abi Adi and Hawzien provide a level of comfort and cleanliness that most people expect.

Abi Adi

Abi Adi suffers regular water shortages. Don't count on being able to have a shower. If there is one and it happens to be hot, you've hit the jackpot.


This is the base for most tour companies and the region's best accommodation is either in the town or just outside.


Wukro is by far the biggest town in the rock-hewn church zone. It doesn't have the same breadth of accommodation choices as Hawzien or the Gheralta cluster in general, but it does have an excellent lodge, a handful of decent restaurants and several small supermarkets. Water shortages are endemic here and while you can rely on running water every day at the big hotels, you can’t expect it all day.