Northern Ethiopia shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Aksum

St George Gallery Axum

One of the best shops in northern Ethiopia, St George has that rare combination of simple tourist items and fine pieces of art and antiques, although the quality tends towards the latter. Religious paintings (includ…
Arts & Crafts in Gonder

Project Ploughshare Women’s Crafts Training Center

This centre in Wolleka is helping disadvantaged women rekindle local pottery traditions, along with traditional Amhara weaving and basketry. You can watch the women working Monday to Saturday and buy the high-qualit…
Art in Lalibela

Fine Art Gallery

The one shop that stands out from Lalibela’s throng of souvenir shacks. Inside are beautiful watercolour and sepia paintings created by local artist Tegegne Yirdaw. He’s often around outside normal shop hours.
Arts & Crafts in Gonder

Kindu Trust

This child-sponsorship charity has a small store selling baskets, banana art and beads made from recycled magazines. Some items are also sold at Lodge du Chateau.
Arts & Crafts in Lalibela

House of the Lalibela Artisans

Set up to help local artisans market their work, this modest collection has some textiles, basketry, figurines and paintings. You can sometimes see some of the weavers at work in the courtyard.
Arts & Crafts in Aksum

Abyssinia Handcraft Shop-Sunlight Fitsum

Has a good selection of old triptych paintings as well as a few silver crosses.
Arts & Crafts in Bahir Dar

Craft Kiosks

You'll find a handful of small stalls selling fairly standard souvenirs here, a block back from the lake's edge, but you may also find the makers of the delightful agelgil (goat-skin lunch boxes).