Top Choice Ethiopian in Gonder

Habesha Kitfo

Traditionally decked out with wooden stools, cowhide chairs, and woven wool rugs (plus pet ducks roaming around), this place drips character and is the ideal spot in which to sample new Ethiopian dishes. Kitfo (minc…
Top Choice European in Lalibela

Ben Abeba

Hands down the coolest restaurant in Ethiopia, this Ethio-Scottish–owned, Dali-esque jumble of walkways, platforms and fire pits is perched on the edge of the ridge for 360-degree views. And while it would be expect…
Supermarket in Gonder

Best Supermarket

Definitely earns its name.
Ethiopian in Aksum

Abinet Hotel

If you ask locals where the best place to eat is, they’ll direct you to Yeha or Consular. But if you ask them where they like to eat, there’s a good chance they’ll answer Abinet.
European in Lalibela

Unique Restaurant

This understated but cosy little restaurant (‘bad house, good food’ is what charming owner Sisco tells people who hesitate outside her door) serves the usual mix of national and faranji dishes (the fasting pizza is …
Cafe in Bahir Dar

Wude Coffee

For high-class Ethiopian fare in a chic city-style cafe, come munch here; either inside or at an outdoor table.
Ethiopian in Bahir Dar

Mango Park

The most central and popular lakeside spot for a chilled-out afternoon drink. It’s usually packed with local students and families, though the pelicans that once joined them have fled. A floating barge has a full me…
European in Gonder

Quara Hotel

While the menu doesn’t break the mould, it does offer a few meals not often available in Ethiopia like curry-spiced noodles. Unfortunately, execution is inconsistent.
European in Bahir Dar

Desset Resort

This popular restaurant really makes the most of its long landscaped shoreline. Both the habesha (Ethiopian) and faranji (foreigner) dishes (try the roasted lamb) are quite good and the menu is bigger than normal.
Italian-Ethiopian in Bahir Dar

Wawi Pizzeria

As long as you’re not in a hurry, join the crowd on the 1st-floor balcony for a pretty good pizza. There’s also lasagne and chicken tibs (pan-fried sliced lamb)