Top ChoiceCoffee in Gonder

Senait Coffee Shop

Serving up Gonder's best coffee, Senait is brought to you by the same people who run Four Sisters and it shows. With a small but lovely, character-filled outdoor setting opposite the exit to the Royal Enclosure,...

Top ChoiceJuice Bar in Aksum

Kuda Juice

This cool little juice bar has free wi-fi, a modern feel and terrific juices. Ask for its special of the day – we loved the mango, avocado and guava – or try the shek (juice with milk). It was in the process of...

Top ChoiceBar in Aksum

Yeha Hotel

The hotel may be past its prime, but the Yeha remains the best place in town for a sundowner. The terrace faces the setting sun and overlooks the Northern Stelae Field, St Mary of Zion Church and surrounding hills.

Bar in Lalibela

Torpido Tej House

Also known as Askalech, Torpido serves tej along with traditional azmari song and dance after 8pm. It gets a lot of tourists, but locals usually outnumber them. And unlike the more earthy tej houses, you are...

Cafe in Gonder

Ethiopia Café

This classic, though subtle, art-deco Italian cafe in the heart of the piazza is a throwback to the days of yesteryear – it's easily the most atmospheric of Gonder's traditional coffeehouses.

Wine Bar in Bahir Dar

Pelican Wine House

A chemistry degree from Bahir Dar University led owner Yordanos into a life of wine and she now makes her own honey, date, mango, apple and grape varieties. The place is not quite what it was, but is still worth...

Cafe in Aksum

Axum No-Name Cafe

One of the most enduringly popular cafes along the main road, Axum No-Name has split-level seating overlooking the street and a loyal local clientele who like to watch the world go by for hours on end while...

Bar in Gonder

Goha Hotel

There’s nowhere better in town for a sunset drink than this hotel’s lofty garden terrace. Besides the overpriced beers, there’s a variety of local and imported wines and the views are superlative.

Cafe in Bahir Dar

Karibu Cafe

One of Bahir Dar's best places for coffee, Karibu has low wooden stools, excellent coffee (from Birr9), tempting cakes and an overwhelmingly local clientele.

Cafe in Gonder

EEPCO Coffee House

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Gonderian who doesn’t consider the brew here the city’s best, and we think it serves the best cake.

Club in Gonder

Camelot House

A dark and cosy modern club where the band plays and the people dance until at least 2am.

Beer Garden in Gonder

Dashen House

The large outdoor terrace here is indisputably the town centre’s most popular beer joint.

Bar in Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar Hotel

Though it’s a popular drinking spot throughout the week, Friday and Saturday nights are really packed.