Tourist Information in Rock-hewn Churches of Tigray

Gheralta Local Guide Association

Official guides from the Gheralta Local Guide Association are mandatory for Abuna Yemata Guh and Maryam Korkor (where going alone is potentially dangerous), but they can be hired for other places too, which we recom…
Tourist Information in Aksum

Aksum Guide Association Office

The Aksum Guide Association office is next to the Northern Stelae Field entrance. If you've arrived in town with a guide lined up, contact this group.
Tourist Information in Mekele

Tigray Tourism Commission

Can advise on Danakil and rock-hewn-church visits, but don't expect more than high-level information.
Tourist Information in Aksum

Aksum Visitor Centre

One of the country’s most helpful offices. Also knows about the rock-hewn churches to the east.
Tourist Information in Gonder

Gonder City Tourist Information Centre

Officially there's a tourist office but if it bothers to open at all, it's not much help.
Bank in Gonder

Dashen Bank

The branch north of the piazza has an ATM, as do some others further out of town.
Tourist Information in Rock-hewn Churches of Tigray

Tigray Tourism Commission

Tourist office at the museum in Wukro and the place to go to find a local guide.
Hospital in Gonder

Ibex General Hospital

Gonder’s best medical facility has a 24-hour casualty department and pharmacy.
Tourist Information in Lalibela

Tourism Information Centre

Unsigned behind the church ticket office and of limited use.
Medical in Aksum

Tsion Higher Clinic

Helpful clinic and the doctor speaks decent English.