Market in Bahir Dar

Main Market

If you can tear yourself away from the lake, visit the large and lively main market. It’s busiest on Saturday – market day – when people stream into town from nearby villages. The delightful agelgil (goat-skin...

Bridge in Bahir Dar

Blue Nile Bridge

You can only reach the famous outlet of the Blue Nile by boat, but you can get pretty close along the Gonder road, 2km out of town, where a bridge spans the river. You can see the dam that has ruined Blue Nile...

Viewpoint in Bahir Dar

Palace of Haile Selassie

Two-and-a-half kilometres south of the Martyrs Memorial, northeast of town, is Bezawit Hill. Its summit holds a former palace of Haile Selassie, which isn’t open to visitors and can’t be photographed. Viewpoints...

Monument in Bahir Dar

Martyrs Memorial Monument

Just past the bridge is a large Martyrs Memorial Monument dedicated to those who died fighting the Derg. Its fountain cascading down to the Blue Nile is quite the sight, especially if someone is having a wedding...

Market in Bahir Dar

Fish Market

There’s a one-table fish market in the mud-hut deacon’s village behind St George’s Church. The catch is brought in by tankwa in the morning and pelicans come to feed on the scraps in the afternoon.

Church in Bahir Dar

St George Church

One of the largest churches in Bahir Dar and right next to the water, but it's not a patch on Lake Tana's monasteries.