Top things to do in Mekele

Top Choice European in Mekele

Black Rose

This stylish outpost of an Addis lounge bar is one of Mekele's more intriguing dining options. Downstairs it serves excellent pizza, pasta and Ethiopian dishes in a quietly sophisticated setting with world music pla…
Top Choice European in Mekele

Karibu Kitchen & Bar

This garden restaurant is the first choice for faranji food, with a pleasing garden setting where the wood-fired pizza is the star of the show.
Ethiopian in Mekele

Geza Gerlase

This cultural restaurant within a cavernous traditional tukul is a great place to enjoy excellent Ethiopian dishes. Specialities include zilzil tibs (strips of lamb, fried and served slightly crunchy with mustard-an…
European in Mekele

Yordanos Restaurant

Tucked away up a side street off the main road, this surprisingly stylish place has a casual open courtyard popular with local couples and a more stylish inside restaurant where thin-based pizza is the undoubted hig…
Memorial in Mekele

Martyrs’ Memorial

From a distance, this memorial to the victims of the Derg could be mistaken for the world’s biggest golf ball and tee. From up close it’s another story, with larger-than-life statues flanking the tower that illustra…
Museum in Mekele

Yohannes IV Museum

The Italian-designed stone palace built for Emperor Yohannes IV (r 1872–89) is now an interesting museum. Although the palace itself is undergoing a thorough restoration, the three-part collection (royal regalia, re…
Supermarket in Mekele

Seti Supermarket

Reasonably well-stocked supermarket.
Supermarket in Mekele

Nur Supermarket

Mekele’s best-stocked grocery.
Market in Mekele

New Market

The city's main market is busy but not Ethiopia's most interesting – its stallholders mostly sell modern household goods and the sort of clothes of interest only to locals.
Monument in Mekele

Derg Bombing Monument

Southwest of the ‘bazaar’, the intriguing monument in the roundabout is a memorial to the victims of the Derg bombing in Hawzien.