Ethiopian Birr (ETB)

Daily Costs

Budget less than US$50

  • Basic double with private facilities: US$15–25
  • Travel between cities by bus: US$8–17
  • Local-style meals are tasty and cheap: from US$6–10

Midrange US$50–100

  • Double room in a comfortable hotel: US$25–75
  • Occasional internal flight: US$115–250
  • Dinner with alcohol at a midrange restaurant: around US$10

Top End more than US$100

  • Accommodation in a full-board resort or an upmarket hotel room: from US$75
  • Private 4WD with driver: US$180
  • Fine dining at an upmarket restaurant: US$15 and up


Bargaining is expected in tourist markets and many souvenir shops. Although some such places do have fixed prices, it's always worth asking if a 'discount' is possible. The same applies to many midrange and even some top-end hotels, especially when things are quiet and discounted rates are sometimes offered.


There are banks, some with ATMs, all across the town centre.

Dashen Bank