Museum in Konso

Konso Museum

High above the town, this venture provides a very brief introduction to Konso culture, but it’s the excellent collection of totemistic waga that makes it a must-see. These carved wooden sculptures are raised in...

Market in Konso

Dokatu Market

Perched on a ridge 2km west of Konso, this atmopheric market proffers grand views over the Rift Valley. For sale, you’ll find women’s traditional skirts, cassava, cheka (home-brewed sorghum beer) and etan (the...

Arts Centre in Konso

Konso Cultural Centre

Though more a local resource centre than tourist attraction, there’s a pottery display (ask staff to unlock the rooms) and occasional special exhibitions. It’s 500m before the roundabout.

Ethiopian in Konso

Edget Hotel

On the main roundabout, this is a basic place where you can fuel up with tibs and other Ethiopian staples.