Tourist Information in Mt Wenchi

Wenchi Eco Tourism Association

The Wenchi Eco Tourism Association, the office of which is located a kilometre or so before the parking area on the Ambo side of the crater, provides the compulsory guide (Birr200 for up to five people) and optional…
Tourist Information in Gambela

Culture and Tourism Bureau

The bureau organises documentation for visits to Nuer villages. A local guide (Birr500 per group) is compulsory, as is a letter granting permission to enter a village (Birr150). These will take about 15 minutes to s…
Tourist Information in Djibouti Road

Culture & Tourism Bureau

Permission papers (Birr500 per person for the whole Afar region) to visit the lakes around Asaita and to enter the Danakil Depression are handed out at this office in the large administrative building on the way int…
Tourist Information in Dilla

Abbaya Cultural Tourism Office – Oromia District Office

If you want to visit the Shape/Manchiti rock engravings, you'll first need to pay an entrance fee of Birr350 per car at this office located in the village of Guangwa, about 7km south of Dilla. It's also possible (an…
Tourist Information in Borana National Park – Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary Headquarters

Borana National Park – Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary Headquarters

Visitors to Borana National Park – Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary must hire a scout (Birr175 per day) at this office located in a side street near the hospital in the centre of Yabelo – look for the sign 'Oromia Forest a…
Tourist Information in Mizan Tefari

Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise

These are the people you'll need to convince to let you visit the Bebeka Coffee Plantation – ring them or visit to arrange a letter of introduction, but you'll still have to argue with them at the plantation gate to…
Tourist Information in Rock-hewn Churches of Tigray

Gheralta Local Guide Association

Official guides from the Gheralta Local Guide Association are mandatory for Abuna Yemata Guh and Maryam Korkor (where going alone is potentially dangerous), but they can be hired for other places too, which we recom…
Tourist Information in Dilla

Gedeo Tourist Office

Can arrange an English-speaking guide for the Tutiti and Tuto Fela archaeological sites (Birr200). It's in a ramshackle building off the main drag in Dilla, not far from Delight Hotel – look for the sign 'Gede'I Inx…
Immigration in Dire Dawa

Immigration Office

You can renew your visa here, saving the long trip back to Addis Ababa. It costs US$100 for one month and payment must be made in US dollars. You need to supply one photo and a copy of your passport. It's issued the…
Tourist Information in Gambela


If you're looking to visit one of the Nuer villages around Gambela and arrive in town when the Culture and Tourism Bureau is closed, contact Aychlum and he might be able to help out.