Harar restaurants

Top Choice European in Harar

Fresh Touch Restaurant

The king of restaurants in Harar, snazzy Fresh Touch is a hot favourite among well-heeled locals and visitors. That’s all thanks to four winning details: its convenient location near the old town; the uplifting ambi…
Top Choice Ethiopian in Harar

Hirut Restaurant

Decorated with traditional woven baskets and specialising in authentic local cuisine, this is the most atmospheric place in Harar to sink your teeth into a filling kwanta firfir (dried strips of beef rubbed in chill…
Cafeteria in Harar

Kim Café & Restaurant

This unmissable spot on the main avenue in the new town has a wide variety of cavity-inducing pastries, as well as excellent fruit juices and acceptable pizzas, burgers, pasta and Ethiopian dishes. It's also a great…
Cafeteria in Harar

Tesh Café & Restaurant

This trendy cafeteria does a roaring lunchtime trade in sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta dishes, cakes, pastries and fruit juices. Breakfast is also highly recommended, with a good selection of omelettes and panca…
Ethiopian in Harar

Sherife Restaurant

The speciality of this popular Muslim restaurant is hanid (goat; you pick which part – the feet, ribs and head are the most popular) served on rice pilaf. Tibs and pasta dishes are also available.
Indian in Harar

Weyzro (‘Miss’) Zewde

This woman makes what are probably the best samosas (sambusa in Amharic) in Harar. Find her and her deep fryer sitting street-side across from Harar Gate.
Ethiopian in Harar

Misrak Hotel

It’s the hyenas, not the food, that makes this a special night-time dining option. The animals usually arrive around 8.30pm to scavenge the nearby dumpsters, but if you have some flesh to offer them (hang it on a st…