Museum in Harar

Sherif Harar City Museum

Museum in Harar

Arthur Rimbaud Center

Near the middle of the walled city, and often mistakenly called Rimbaud’s House, is this museum dedicated to the poet Arthur Rimbaud with a series of illustrated wall panels (mainly in French) about his life. It’s i…
Museum in Harar

Harar National Museum

This modest museum used to be housed in Ras Makonnen’s Palace, and may again after restoration work is finished. Much of the collection is stuff you’ve already seen inside a traditional Harari home, but the jeweller…
Market in Harar

Gidir Magala

At the end of Mekina Girgir you’ll stumble upon the arcades of the Gidir Magala, the main market (previously known as the Muslim market) and the city’s biggest butchery. Watch how the locals hide their meat purchase…
House in Harar

Ras Tafari's House

Within pouncing distance of Rimbaud’s House is the conspicuous Ras Tafari’s House. The house was built by an Indian trader and many of its features, such as the Ganesh carving above the door, are Eastern in origin. …
Square in Harar

Feres Magala

The main square is a bustling place with several minor points of interest. Most conspicuous is the monument to those who died fighting against Menelik’s conquest of Harar. It shows the five original gates. To the no…
Street in Harar

Mekina Girgir

Leading southeast from Feres Magala, this narrow, atmospheric street is jam-packed with tailors’ workshops, which is how it came to be called ‘Sewing Machine Sound Street’.
Palace in Harar

Ras Makonnen’s Palace

Don’t expect a fairy-tale castle. This late-19th-century ‘palace’ is a sharp-edged, charmless building currently under renovation. During construction, and surely after it as well, you can climb to the top floor and…
Church in Harar

St Mary Catholic Church

One of just two churches in Old Harar, St Mary Catholic Church is a haven of peace and a good spot if you need to unwind. It’s a French Catholic mission dating from 1889. The carved wooden door is particularly attra…
Mosque in Harar

Jamia Mosque

Harar’s great mosque is the only one inside the wall big enough to host both men and women. The mosque was built in the 16th century, though according to local tradition, a mosque has stood on the site since the 12t…