Gonder in detail

Flights & getting there


Ethiopian Airlines flies twice daily to Addis Ababa (Birr4516, one hour) and once to Aksum (Birr2113, two hours) via Lalibela (Birr1781, one hour).


Ordinary buses leave from the bus station.

Addis Ababa Few travellers go direct to/from Addis, but it can be done in 15 hours with the luxury buses. Options include Sky Bus (Birr422, 5am), which departs from the Royal Enclosure entrance gate, and Selam (Birr420, 5.30am), which, just to be different, departs from the Royal Enclosure exit gate.

Aksum For Aksum, you'll need to change in Shire (Birr160, 10 to 11 hours, 5.30am).

Bahir Dar Two daily buses make the trip between Gonder and Bahir Dar (Birr75, three hours).

Debark (Simien Mountains) Minibuses and an early morning bus connect Gonder with Debark (Birr65, 2½ hours).

Lalibela There are no direct buses to Lalibela so take the 5.30am bus (Birr115, four to five hours) or one of the minibuses (Birr210, four hours) headed to Woldia and get off in Gashena, where you can catch a connection as long as you don’t arrive too late in the day.

Car & Motorcycle

There's a petrol station up the hill and opposite the Gonder Landmark Hotel.