Tourist Information in Gambela

Culture and Tourism Bureau

The bureau organises documentation for visits to Nuer villages. A local guide (Birr500 per group) is compulsory, as is a letter granting permission to enter a village (Birr150). These will take about 15 minutes to s…
Tourist Information in Gambela


If you're looking to visit one of the Nuer villages around Gambela and arrive in town when the Culture and Tourism Bureau is closed, contact Aychlum and he might be able to help out.
Tourist Information in Gambela

Gambela National Park Headquarters

Unusually useful and helpful when it comes to planning a trip to Gambela National Park.
Hospital in Gambela

Gambela Hospital

Post in Gambela

Post Office

Bank in Gambela

Commercial Bank

Police in Gambela

Police Commission

Police in Gambela

Police Station