Museum in Harar

Sherif Harar City Museum

Lake in Debre Zeyit

Lake Bishoftu

The best way to appreciate this lake is from the crater rim at Dreamland Garden Restaurant, drink in hand. The view is superb. To get up close and personal with this body of water, scramble down one of the cattle tr…
Railyard in Dire Dawa

Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Line Rehabilitation Project Office

Rail fans can clamber through what remains of the once great Imperial Railway Company of Ethiopia. Ask in room three of the project office and you’ll be rewarded with an ID badge and a guided tour (tip expected) of …
Museum in Harar

Arthur Rimbaud Center

Near the middle of the walled city, and often mistakenly called Rimbaud’s House, is this museum dedicated to the poet Arthur Rimbaud with a series of illustrated wall panels (mainly in French) about his life. It’s i…
Museum in Harar

Harar National Museum

This modest museum used to be housed in Ras Makonnen’s Palace, and may again after restoration work is finished. Much of the collection is stuff you’ve already seen inside a traditional Harari home, but the jeweller…
in Eastern Ethiopia

Awash National Park

in Eastern Ethiopia


Waterfall in Awash National Park

Awash Falls

Just past the headquarters there are viewpoints above and below this mighty waterfall, which tumbles into the magnificent Awash Gorge along the park’s southern boundary. Awash Lodge has a brochure for a short self-g…
Wildlife Encounter in Awash National Park

Game Drive

Perhaps better called the oryx and gazelle drive, because these are the only sure sightings. The 30km loop that starts at the main gate cuts across the Illala Sala Plains and passes Awash Falls.