Ethiopian Birr (ETB)

Daily Costs

Budget less than US$50

  • Basic double with private facilities: US$15–25
  • Travel between cities by bus: US$8–17
  • Local-style meals are tasty and cheap: from US$6–10

Midrange US$50–100

  • Double room in a comfortable hotel: US$25–75
  • Occasional internal flight: US$115–250
  • Dinner with alcohol at a midrange restaurant: around US$10

Top End more than US$100

  • Accommodation in a full-board resort or an upmarket hotel room: from US$75
  • Private 4WD with driver: US$180
  • Fine dining at an upmarket restaurant: US$15 and up


Bargaining is expected in tourist markets and many souvenir shops. Although some such places do have fixed prices, it's always worth asking if a 'discount' is possible. The same applies to many midrange and even some top-end hotels, especially when things are quiet and discounted rates are sometimes offered.


Banks with exchange facilities and ATMs accepting international cards can be found in the centre.

Commercial Bank

Dashen Bank

Dashen Bank

Wegagen Bank