Bus in Bahir Dar

Selam Bus

Selam Bus runs to Addis Ababa (Birr320). It has a ticket office at the bus station, but the buses park in front of St George’s Church and depart at 5.30am.
Bus in Bahir Dar

Sky Bus

Sky Bus charges Birr352 to Addis Ababa, has a ticket office near the lake and uses Dib Antessa as its 5am and 7am departure points.
Bus in Bahir Dar

Post Bus

Post Bus (Birr248) departs for Addis Ababa at 5.30am three days a week.
Ferry in Bahir Dar

Marine Authority

Operates the Lake Tana ferry.
Bus Station in Bahir Dar

Bus Station

Petrol Station in Bahir Dar

Petrol Station

Airport in Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar Airport

Airline in Bahir Dar

Ethiopian Airlines

Petrol Station in Bahir Dar

Total Petrol Station