Top things to do in Bahir Dar

Top Choice Cafe in Bahir Dar

Wude Coffee

For high-class Ethiopian fare in a chic city-style garden cafe, come to Wude Coffee, although it's just as good for a stiff macchiato. While the indoor tables are intimate and cosy, we prefer the outdoor perches.
Ethiopian in Bahir Dar

Lemat Restaurant

You don't see many tourists in here and the menu is only in Amharic, but that's precisely the point. Excellent local food bring the locals here in droves and you won't find better tibs, kitfo or doro wat anywhere in…
Dance in Bahir Dar

Amsal Mitike

Unlike other more touristy places around town, this fine venue should do the trick. The focus here is more on live music and dance by well-known local performers and the crowd's almost entirely local.
Market in Bahir Dar

Main Market

If you can tear yourself away from the lake, visit the large and lively main market. It’s busiest on Saturday – market day – when people stream into town from nearby villages. The delightful agelgil (goat-skin lunch…
Comedy in Bahir Dar

Balageru Cultural Club

If you’d like an entertaining cultural experience and a good laugh, visit this place. Various azmari (local minstrels who perform a mix of music and humour) do their thing nightly (from around 7.30pm to 2am) to the …
Ethiopian in Bahir Dar

Castel-Kuriftu Wine House

Right by the water and affiliated with the Kuriftu Resort, this fine place does excellent Ethiopian dishes with all the usual suspects – tibs, firfir, kitfo et al – present and nicely prepared. The soaring ceiling o…
European in Bahir Dar

Desset Resort

This popular restaurant really makes the most of its long landscaped shoreline. Both the habesha (Ethiopian – try the fish firfir) and faranji (foreigner) dishes (try the roasted lamb or pizza) are quite good and th…
Ethiopian in Bahir Dar

Misrak Special Food

Out in the west of town, far from the main tourist trail, Misrak Special Food has a lovely traditional setting on the 1st floor and excellent Ethiopian cooking. It does everything from tibs wat to meatball curry, an…
Ethiopian in Bahir Dar


Down a rough dirt track and right by the lake, Lakeshore looks a little past its prime, but still serves what some locals claim to be the city's best seafood – order the grilled fish or fish kitfo and make up your o…
Wine Bar in Bahir Dar

Pelican Wine House

A chemistry degree from Bahir Dar University led owner Yordanos into a life of wine and she now makes her own honey, date, mango, apple and grape varieties. The place is not quite what it was, but is still worth a l…