Bahir Dar drinking and nightlife

Wine Bar in Bahir Dar

Pelican Wine House

A chemistry degree from Bahir Dar University led owner Yordanos into a life of wine and she now makes her own honey, date, mango, apple and grape varieties. The place is not quite what it was, but is still worth a l…
Cafe in Bahir Dar

Karibu Cafe

One of Bahir Dar's best places for coffee, Karibu has low wooden stools, excellent coffee (from Birr9), tempting cakes and an overwhelmingly local clientele.
Bar in Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar Hotel

Though it’s a popular drinking spot throughout the week, Friday and Saturday nights are really packed.
Juice Bar in Bahir Dar

Fisseha Juice

One of the better of many juice bars scattered around the town centre.