Awasa attractions

Top Choice Lake in Awasa

Lake Awasa

With its mountainous backdrop, Lake Awasa is a lovely sight. You could easily spend a few pleasant hours strolling the lakeshore trail at the end of town, watching men fishing from papyrus rafts, seeing the various …
Top Choice Market in Awasa

Fish Market

Lake Awasa’s fishermen head out in their little wooden boats in the afternoon and return the next morning laden with tilapia and catfish. The men are amazingly deft at gutting, scaling, skinning and flicking the eye…
Park in Awasa

Amora Gedel Park

These lovely grounds west of the fish market provide a green haven for nature lovers and are also popular with newlyweds. You'll see plenty of vervet and colobus monkeys as well as a rich variety of forest and woodl…
Monument in Awasa

Sidamo Monument

Awasa's most prominent landmark, this cylindrical monument lies on a large roundabout east of the main avenue. It is said to represent the leaf of the false banana plant and is decorated with colourful mosaics.
Landmark in Awasa

Hawaasi Katama (Town Council)

The large town council is a notable building not far from Awasa's lakeshore.
Mosque in Awasa


Awasa's largest mosque and an important local landmark.
Church in Awasa

St Gabriel Church

This imposing church lies east of the main roundabout.
Landmark in Awasa

Sidamo Cultural Hall

A landmark off the main avenue in Awasa.