Museum in Aksum

Archaeological Museum

This well-laid-out museum in the Northern Stelae Field contains an interesting variety of objects found in the tombs, ranging from ordinary household objects, such as lamps and incense burners, to quite sophisticate…
Monument in Aksum

King Bazen's Tomb

Despite being the crudest of tombs, roughly hewn into solid rock instead of constructed with fine masonry, this place has a slightly magical feel about it. A rectangular pit above the tomb contains a row of burial c…
Church in Aksum

St Mary of Zion Churches

Though religions have come and gone, Aksum remains a holy city throughout. Opposite the Northern Stelae Field, in a walled compound, lies the centre of the universe for Christian Ethiopians.A church of some form or …
Monument in Aksum

Tombs of Kings Kaleb & Gebre Meskel

Set on a small hill 1.8km northeast of the Northern Stelae Field and offering views of the jagged mountains of Adwa, local tradition attributes these two tombs to the 6th-century King Kaleb and his son, King Gebre …
Archaeological Site in Northern Ethiopia


Sprawling, dusty, and rural - Aksum is modest almost to a fault. On first sight, it's hard to imagine that the town was ever the site of a great civilisation. Yet Aksum is one of Ethiopia's star attractions.
National Park in Southern Ethiopia

Abiata-Shala Lakes National Park

Park in Southern Ethiopia

Nechisar National Park

Park in The Lower Omo Valley

Mago National Park

Although by Ethiopian standards wildlife is fairly abundant in this dramatically beautiful 2162-sq-km park , there’s no chance of an East African safari–style experience. Poaching remains a problem and the thick aca…
National Park in Southern Ethiopia

Bale Mountains National Park

Archaeological Site in Aksum

Northern Stelae Field

Despite the dizzying grandeur of the numerous rock needles reaching for the stars, it’s what’s under your feet here that’s most important. Amazingly, about 90% of the field hasn’t yet been dug, so no matter where yo…