Top things to do in Arba Minch

Top Choice European in Arba Minch

Paradise Lodge – Abaya Restaurant

Inside Paradise Lodge, the lovely ridgetop dining room, together with menu choices like poached fish or beef stroganoff, make this the most atmospheric restaurant and best sundowner spot in Arba Minch. There's outdo…
Top Choice European in Arba Minch

Arba Minch Tourist Hotel Restaurant

Though the wait staff can be a touch clueless at times, this leafy compound with resident dik-dik roaming around looking for hand-outs is a great place to dine, and the food is tasty. Western dishes are popular, but…
Lake in Arba Minch

Lake Abaya

Divided by the lyrical ‘Bridge of God’ from Lake Chamo, beautiful Abaya is Ethiopia’s second-largest lake. Its peculiar reddish-brown waters are a result of elevated natural concentrations of suspended sediments, an…
Bar in Arba Minch

Lemlem Bar & Restaurant

For a good local beer and a solid dose of local gossip, there's no better place than this super-popular garden bar. The standard Ethiopian fare is useful for lining the stomach with all that beer flowing freely.
Seafood in Arba Minch

Soma Restaurant

This unassuming restaurant (charging much higher faranji prices than it used to) has made quite a name for itself with its mouth-watering grilled fish dishes, most of which are big enough to share.
Cafe in Arba Minch

Zebib Café & Snack

Near the main roundabout in Sikela, this quick-eat establishment is safe for a sandwich and a mixed-fruit juice. It also has a tempting array of sweet-tooth nibbles.
Lake in Arba Minch

Lake Chamo

Lake Chamo supports a very large population of crocodiles and, unlike neighbouring Lake Abaya, the waters are not rusty in colour.
Zoo in Arba Minch

Arba Minch Crocodile Ranch

Walking between the masses of crocs in their concrete tanks at this government-run facility is more humdrum than it sounds, except during feeding, which usually happens Monday and Thursday between 3pm and 5pm. It’s …
Supermarket in Arba Minch

Fruit Supermarket

Althought small, it’s the best-stocked grocery in town and has a few exotic items like peanut butter and imitation Cocoa Puffs.
Market in Arba Minch


Has a range of products, including fruit and vegetables.