Aksum in detail

Flights & getting there

Aksum is well connected by air and road to the rest of the country.


Ethiopian Airlines flies twice daily to Addis Ababa (US$240, one to three hours), sometimes direct and sometimes via Lalibela (US$130, 45 minutes) and Gonder (US$130, 40 minutes).


For buses to Gonder and Debark (for the Simien Mountains), go to Shire (Birr45, 1½ hours) first. There’s only one bus (6am) and a few minibuses to Adigrat (Birr58, 3½ hours), but services are more frequent from Adwa (Birr10, 30 minutes). There are two morning buses to Mekele (Birr85, seven hours, 6am), as well as minibuses (Birr120), any of which can drop you in Wukro (Birr70, six hours). All buses leave from the bus station.

Car & Motorcycle

Aksum’s travel agencies and numerous freelance agents rent vehicles (including driver and guide) for trips to Yeha, Debre Damo and the rock churches of Tigray.

Petrol Station