Addis Ababa shopping

Top Choice Shoes in Addis Ababa

soleRebels Footwear

Eight years after being founded by designer Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu to help talented artisans in her neighbourhood, soleRebels Footwear's shoes are made using locally sourced natural fibres, hand-made fabric and, fo…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Addis Ababa

St George Interior Decoration & Art Gallery

One of Addis Ababa's classiest places to shop, St George has everything from antique silver crosses and contemporary textiles to wide-ranging books about Ethiopia and designer jewellery. Everything here, both modern…
Arts & Crafts in Addis Ababa

Alert Handicraft Shop

Here the Berhan Taye Leprosy Disabled Persons Work Group produces and sells beautiful handbags, pillow covers and wall hangings, each emblazoned with vibrant embroidery. The items are so Ethiopian. The shop is off R…
Arts & Crafts in Addis Ababa

Gallery 21

Of all the shops/stalls north of Haileselassie Alemayehu on Churchill Ave, this gallery has the biggest selection (if you ask to see the back room) and the best-quality pieces, including a fine range of Ethiopian si…
Arts & Crafts in Addis Ababa

Makush Art Gallery & Restaurant

This gallery and restaurant has an excellent, carefully selected collection of high-quality furniture and paintings created by around 70 emerging and well-known Ethiopian artists.
Market in Addis Ababa

Shiro Meda Market

If you’re interested in blankets, Ethiopian wedding attire or traditional clothing like a shamma (shawl worn by highlander men), head to this group of stalls lining Entoto Ave, a few hundred metres north of Botswana…
Food in Addis Ababa

Abyssinia Honey King

Stocking local, naturally produced honeys with not a chemical in sight, this place is as good for your breakfast as it is for an unusual but authentically Ethiopian gift.
Books in Addis Ababa


City-centre branch of Addis' best bookshop chain, with a small but good selection of books on Ethiopia.
Books in Addis Ababa


Branch of Addis' best bookshop chain, just north of the city centre.
Books in Addis Ababa

Tourist Information Shop

This small, dusty shop has little to inspire but it does offer a handful of birding and other natural history books, which is quite the rarity here.