Top Choice French in Addis Ababa

La Mandoline

This upper-crust French restaurant serving superb, and authentic, traditional French dishes might well get our vote as the best-value restaurant in the city. How traditional is the food? Try an excellent salad for a…
Top Choice Italian in Addis Ababa

Avanti Restaurant & Wine Bar

From the outside this new place actually looks a bit run-down, but first impressions deceive. Step inside and relish some of the best Italian food in the city all served in a light and airy environment that’s smart …
Ethiopian in Addis Ababa

Dashen Traditional Restaurant

From the outside, this Ethiopian eatery doesn’t look promising. However, if you venture in past the courtyard, you’ll find a lovely, low-key dining area, with stone walls, local art and bamboo furniture. The soft li…
Ethiopian in Addis Ababa

Habesha Restaurant

For an Ethiopian meal that looks as good as it tastes, come to this Bole eatery where serving seems to be an art form. After a flurry of handwork, our injera was beautifully laden with everything from gored gored (r…
International in Addis Ababa

Lime Tree

The evergreen, ever-lime Lime Tree remains one of the hippest places in Addis to have a light lunch. The menu includes such delights as pita stuffed with tabouli or felafel, and chicken coconut curry, and it sells w…
International in Addis Ababa

Raizel Café

This slick modern cafe speedily serves tasty cheeseburgers, tuna melts, French fries and breakfast omelettes to a fashionable, young crowd. It’s one of several similar places around here.
Italian in Addis Ababa

Ristorante Castelli

Very much an Addis institution, this famous Italian restaurant has fed Swedish royalty, Bob Geldof, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and ex-US presidents. The food is of course good (but maybe not as good as the price tag …
Mediterranean in Addis Ababa


Just east of Piazza, off Tewodros St and tucked up a dark cobblestone alley, is this mixed-bag Mediterranean eatery. You’re unlikely to be disappointed by its creative menu of Beirut-meets-Milan dishes, including su…
International in Addis Ababa


Freshly transported from the Mediterranean, this pastel-cool restaurant has a tasty range of light pastas and salads, but it’s the drool-inducing steaks that it’s most renowned for – heaven indeed during the fasting…
Ethiopian in Addis Ababa

Elsa Restaurant

This simple outdoor restaurant receives high marks from locals, expats and tourists alike for its quality Ethiopian fare. The yetsom beyaynetu (variety of fasting foods) is perfect for vegetarians, while yedoro aros…