Tourist Information in Addis Ababa

Tourist Information Centre

This helpful office does its best to provide information about Addis and itineraries elsewhere, but you're unlikely to learn much. It also has the occasional informative brochure.
Hospital in Addis Ababa

Bethzatha Hospital

This quality private hospital, off Ras Mekonen Ave, is recommended by most embassies.
Hospital in Addis Ababa

St Gabriel Hospital

This private hospital has good X-ray, dental, surgery and laboratory facilities.
Bank in Addis Ababa

Dashen Bank

Offers Visa and MasterCard cash advances and also changes cash.
Post in Addis Ababa

Main Post Office

The only post office for international parcel services.
Embassy in Addis Ababa

Dutch Embassy

In a daring new building in Addis' west.
Hospital in Addis Ababa

Hayat Hospital

A reliable option near the airport.
Embassy in Addis Ababa

Canadian Embassy

Also represents Australia.
Hospital in Addis Ababa

Black Lion Hospital

Public hospital.
Embassy in Addis Ababa

Djibouti Embassy