Top Choice Jazz in Addis Ababa

Jazzamba Lounge

Back in the 1960s the jazz scene in Addis was booming. So big was the scene that Ethiopian jazz even had its own style and name: Ethiojazz. Then along came the Derg and away went the fun. Today the scene is making a…
Top Choice Cinema in Addis Ababa

Alliance Éthio-Française d’Addis-Abeba

As is almost always the case with French cultural centres, this one hosts an exciting and diverse range of art-house films, experimental theatre, gallery exhibitions, opera and world music. There’s also a French-lan…
Jazz in Addis Ababa

La Gazelle Piano Bar

This dark and moody bar has live jazz every night.
Theatre in Addis Ababa

National Theatre

This impressive building, with its massive marble and bronze entrance hall (and odd pigeon), hosts theatre most weekends at 5pm.
Theatre in Addis Ababa

City Hall Theatre & Cultural Centre

A plush 1000-seat place in the Piazza, which shows productions on Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes there’s traditional Ethiopian music on public holidays.
Theatre in Addis Ababa

Hager Fikir Theatre

Hager Fikir occasionally stages theatre, musicals and dancing.
Live Music in Addis Ababa


Thanks to some of the city’s best azmaris performing here, it’s resoundingly popular and you may have trouble finding a seat. The sign is in Amharic only, but it’s opposite the Samsung shop and next to the Canon sho…
Live Music in Addis Ababa

Fendika Azmari Bet

This azmari bet rivals any in the city. It’s littered with Ethiopian cultural items and is always home to a good time.
Cinema in Addis Ababa

Matti Multiplex

The multiplex cinema inside the Edna Mall shows all the big-ticket Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and local films, including those in 3D.
Cinema in Addis Ababa

Ambassador Cinema

An institution, this central cinema puts on the usual diet of action-packed and slightly passé Hollywood movies. Films are shown daily in three sessions.