Addis Ababa in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Basic double room with private facilities: US$15–25
  • Getting around by tram and/or minibus: US$0.10–0.30
  • Local-style meals: US$5
  • Visiting museums: US$0.50

Midrange: US$50–100

  • Double room in a comfortable hotel: US$25–75
  • Chartering a taxi for a couple of hours: US$10
  • Dinner with alcohol at a midrange restaurant: US$10
  • As much coffee as you can drink: US$0.50 per cup

Top-end: More than US$100

  • Upmarket hotel room: from US$75
  • Travel around town with rental car and driver: US$75
  • Fine dining at an upmarket restaurant: US$15 and up
  • Day tour of the city: US$60


You will have no trouble finding a bank in Addis to change cash, and most Dashen Bank branches have ATMs that accept foreign Visa and MasterCard (but not Plus or Cirrus).


An increasing number of bank ATMs accept international Visa cards. When withdrawing cash through an ATM with a foreign card you should select the Credit Card option (whether or not you actually have a credit card) otherwise the ATM may not issue funds.

Wegagen Bank Bole Rd; Meskal Sq

Changing Money

Commercial Bank The branches at Arat Kilo, Bole International Airport, Haile Gebreselassie St, Churchill Ave, Josef Tito St, General Wingate St and Meskal Sq all change cash (US dollars and euros).

Dashen Bank Changes cash. Also offers Visa and MasterCard cash advances. Most have ATMs accepting international cards. Also a branch at Sheraton Hotel.

United Bank At the Hilton Hotel.

Travellers Cheques

Travellers cheques can be changed at bigger bank branches in Addis, but with some reluctance.