Public Holidays

New Year’s Day (Uusaasta) 1 January

Independence Day (Iseseisvuspäev) Anniversary of 1918 declaration on 24 February

Good Friday (Suur reede) March/April

Easter Sunday (Lihavõtted) March/April

Spring Day (Kevadpüha) 1 May

Pentecost (Nelipühade) Seventh Sunday after Easter (May/June)

Victory Day (Võidupüha) Commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Võnnu (1919) on 23 June.

St John’s Day (Jaanipäev, Midsummer’s Day). Taken together, Victory Day and St John’s Day on 24 June are the excuse for a week-long midsummer break for many people.

Day of Restoration of Independence (Taasiseseisvumispäev) On 20 August, marking the country’s return to Independence in 1991.

Christmas Eve (Jõululaupäev) 24 December

Christmas Day (Jõulupüha) 25 December

Boxing Day (Teine jõulupüha) 26 December