Top Choice Modern Estonian in Tallinn


Award-winning Ö (pronounced 'er') has carved a unique space in Tallinn’s culinary world, delivering inventive degustation menus showcasing seasonal Estonian produce. There's a distinct 'New Nordic' influence at play…
Top Choice Russian in Tallinn


Located in a glassed-in pavilion at the heart of the Hotel Telegraaf, Tchaikovsky offers a dazzling tableau of blinged-up chandeliers, gilt frames and greenery. Service is formal and faultless, as is the classic Fra…
Top Choice Modern Estonian in Tallinn


An inconspicuous gate opens onto a large lawn guarded by busts of Sean Connery and Robert Burns. Welcome to the former home of Tallinn’s Scottish club (really!), where ‘simple, soulful food’ is served along with hom…
Top Choice Russian in Tallinn


The best restaurant in ever-increasingly hip Kalamaja, Moon is informal but excellent, combining Russian and broader European influences to delicious effect. Save room for dessert.
Top Choice Vegan in Tallinn


Visiting vegans are spoiled for choice in this wonderful restaurant. In summer everyone wants one of the four tables on the street but the atmospheric interior is just as great. The food is excellent; expect the lik…
Top Choice Estonian in Tallinn

Rataskaevu 16

If you've ever had a hankering for braised roast elk, this is the place to come. Although it's hardly a traditional eatery, plenty of Estonian faves fill the menu – fried Baltic herrings, grilled pork fillet and Est…
Top Choice International in Tallinn


It's worth the trek out to the far side of Pirita to this elegant eatery which opened in 2014 and was rated the best in Estonia that very year. It's housed in a stylish low-slung pavilion which gazes back over Talli…
Creperie in Tallinn


Plug any holes in your stomach with cheap pancakes of the sweet or savoury persuasion. Don’t go thinking you’ll have room for dessert. By night, this is a decent detour for a budget drink – it's low on aesthetics bu…
Estonian in Tallinn

Olde Hansa

Amid candlelit rooms with peasant-garbed servers labouring beneath large plates of game meats, medieval-themed Olde Hansa is the place to indulge in a gluttonous feast. If it all sounds a bit cheesy, take heart – th…
Estonian in Tallinn

Vanaema Juures

Food just like your grandma used to make, if she was a) Estonian, and b) a really good cook. ‘Grandma’s Place’ was one of Tallinn’s most stylish restaurants in the 1930s, and still rates as a top choice for traditio…