Travel with Children

Tallinn’s Old Town, with its evocative medieval streets, picture-book fortifications and ancient houses, is pure eye candy for the under-12 crowd – although those cobblestones can be hard work if yours are still in pushchairs. Tallinners welcome kids almost everywhere; many restaurants have separate children’s menus and most larger hotels have play areas and child-minding services.

Children will particularly enjoy the Estonian Open-Air Museum, the zoo, Pirita's beaches, Kalev Spa Waterpark, Nõmme Adventure Park and the seasonal Harju Ice Rink. There’s a large playground in Kadriorg Park and another in Hirvepark, downhill from Toompea.

  • Nuku The state puppet museum has lots of historic puppets behind glass but plenty to play with too. There's a Cellar of Horrors full of 'evil and scary puppets' (including a vampiric rabbit), a dress-up room, a shadow theatre and windows into the workshops where the puppets are made.
  • City Train Kids and weary adults love this cheery blue little road train, which winds a 20-minute circuit through Old Town in summer.