Tallinn in detail

Travel with Children

Tallinn’s Old Town, with its evocative medieval streets, picture-book fortifications and ancient houses, is pure eye candy for the under-12 crowd – although those cobblestones can be hard work if yours are still in pushchairs. Tallinners welcome kids almost everywhere; many restaurants have separate children’s menus and most larger hotels have play areas and child-minding services.

Children will particularly enjoy the Estonian Open-Air Museum, the zoo, Pirita's beaches, Kalev Spa Waterpark, Nõmme Adventure Park and the seasonal Harju Ice Rink. There’s a large playground in Kadriorg Park and another in Hirvepark, downhill from Toompea.

Nuku, the state puppet museum, has lots of historic puppets behind glass but plenty to play with too. There's a Cellar of Horrors full of 'evil and scary puppets' (including a vampiric rabbit), a dress-up room, a shadow theatre and windows into the workshops where the puppets are made. Kids and weary adults love City Train, a cheery blue little road train that winds a 20-minute circuit through Old Town in summer.