Tallinn has a good range of accommodation to suit every budget. Most of it is congregated in Old Town and its immediate surrounds, where even backpackers might find themselves waking up in a converted merchant's house. Of course, Tallinn is no secret any more, and it can be extremely difficult to find a bed on the weekend in summer.

Private Apartments & Rooms

A huge amount of Old Town's housing stock has been developed as tourist apartments, which can prove ideal for travellers who prefer privacy and self-sufficiency at a mid-range budget. Agencies manage properties across the city, and while you’re less likely to meet other travellers, you’ll usually get more space than a hotel room, plus a fully equipped kitchen, lounge and often a washing machine. Prices drop substantially in the low season, and with longer stays.

Kassisaba & Kelmiküla

Immediately west of Old Town, at the base of Toompea hill, these small neighbourhoods have a good crop of modern, mid-rise, mid-price hotels, handy for the train station. Kassisaba is Estonian for 'cat’s tail' (referring to the path through the ramparts into Toompea) while Kelmiküla means 'rogues' village' – apt as the area around the train station still retains a little of its roguish feel.