Tallinn's small as national capitals go, but there’s still plenty to keep you stimulated. Bills, flyers and newspapers advertise events around the city, or find Tallinn’s best English-language listings in the bimonthly Tallinn In Your Pocket (€2.50, or free at www.inyourpocket.com). There's also Tallinn This Week (actually also bimonthly, and free) www.culture.ee, www.concert.ee, www.draamamaa.ee and the ticketing service Piletilevi (www.piletilevi.ee).

Live Music

Tallinners love live music of all genres, and summer's frequent festivals are augmented, year-round, by plenty of concert venues in and around the city. Kultuuriklubi Kelm, Clazz, Chicago 1933 and Rockclub Tapper all host regular live shows. Touring international acts usually perform at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, A Le Coq Arena or Saku Suurhall.

For major classical concerts, check out what’s on at the Estonia Concert Hall. Chamber, organ and smaller-scale concerts are held at various halls and churches around town.

Theatre & Dance

Most theatre performances are in Estonian, or occasionally in English or Russian.


Films are generally shown in their original language, subtitled in Estonian and Russian.