Welcome to Vormsi

The island, 16km from east to west and averaging 6km from north to south, is a good place to tour by bicycle; there is about 10km of paved road. From the ferry it’s 1.5km to the village of Sviby. The cheerfully named Hullo, Vormsi’s largest village, lies about 3km west of here. You’ll spot ruins of a Russian Orthodox church within an old collective farm, right by the Hullo turn-off. Two kilometres south of here is the much smaller Rumpo (these people really do have a way with names!), sitting on an attractive juniper-covered peninsula jutting into Hullo Bay. Much of the island, including the 30 islets in Hullo Bay, is protected as part of the Vormsi Landscape Reserve (Vormsi Maastikukaitseala). It's a haven for rare lichens and coastal birds, as well as large critters such as elk, roe deer, lynx and boar.

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