Castle in Setomaa

Vastseliina Episcopal Castle

With a pretty setting high on a bluff above the gurgling Piusa River, right on the edge of Setomaa, these evocative ruins maintain a state of picturesque decrepitude. Only a section of wall and three crumbling tower…
Mine in Setomaa

Piusa Caves

Sitting on a band of sandstone nearly 500m thick, Piusa was the site of a major quarry from 1922 to 1966 when it was discovered that the stone contained 99% quartz and was perfect for glass production. The result is…
Museum in Setomaa

Seto Farm Museum

Presided over by a wooden carving of the god/king Peko, this museum consists of a 19th-century farmhouse complex, with stables, a granary and the former workshops for metalworking and ceramics. Don’t bypass the char…
Museum in Setomaa

Obinitsa Seto Museum House

This one-room museum has folk costumes, tapestries, cookware and some old photos – but no explanations in English. It's a good place to pick up tourist brochures.
Viewpoint in Setomaa

Meremäe Hill

In such a flat country, even a modest 204m hill can become a high point. This one has a four-storey wooden viewing tower. It's right next to Setomaa Tourist Farm, a conference and group accommodation complex which i…