Island Brew

Saaremaa has a long history of beer home-brewing and even its factory-produced brew has a great reputation. Tuulik, with its distinctive windmill branding, is the most popular, but don’t mention that it’s now brewed in Tartu (the popular Saaremaa vodka also has a windmill on its label and it’s not distilled here either).

For a classier drop, try Pöide (especially the dark version), which is produced in a microbrewery in the village of the same name. It's available at the pubs in Kuressaare and in craft beer stockists nationwide.

Beer-lovers should be sure to try any homemade beer wherever it’s offered. A longtime island tradition, the brew features the traditional malt, yeast and hops, but comes off a bit sour on the palate. It’s light and refreshing, best quaffed from a wooden tankard on a warm summer’s day.