The following bus companies all have services between Estonia and the other Baltic states:

Ecolines (www.ecolines.net) Major routes: Tallinn–Pärnu–Rīga (seven daily), six of which continue on to Vilnius; Tallinn–St Petersburg (six daily); Tartu–Valga–Rīga (two daily); Vilnius–Rīga–Tartu–Narva–St Petersburg (four daily).

Lux Express & Simple Express (www.luxexpress.eu) Major routes: Tallinn–Pärnu–Rīga (up to 13 daily), eight of which continue on to Panevėžys and Vilnius; Tallinn–Rakvere–Sillamäe–Narva–St Petersburg (four daily); Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Moscow (daily); Rīga–Valmiera–Tartu–Sillamäe–Narva–St Petersburg (nine to 10 daily).

Eurolines (www.eurolines.lt) Two daily Tallinn–Pärnu–Rīga–Panevėžys–Vilnius–Kaunas–Warsaw buses.