Top Choice Cafe in Pärnu


Piccadilly offers a down-tempo haven for wine-lovers and vegetarians and an extensive range of hot beverages. Savoury options include delicious salads, sandwiches and omelettes, but really it’s all about the sweetie…
Top Choice International in Pärnu

Lime Lounge

Bright and zesty Lime Lounge feels more like a cocktail bar than a restaurant, although the food really is excellent. The well-travelled menu bounds from Russia (borscht) to France (duck breast), Italy (delicious pa…
Russian in Pärnu

Trahter Postipoiss

Housed in an 1834 postal building, this rustic tavern has excellent Russian cuisine (ranging from simple to sophisticated), a convivial crowd and imperial portraits watching over the proceedings. The spacious courty…
Supermarket in Pärnu

Port Arturi Konsum

The most central supermarket is inside the Port Artur shopping centre.
Cafe in Pärnu


Looking like it was designed by Barbara Cartland on acid (bright pink and a riot of stripes and prints), this fabulous cafe serves an appealing mix of salads, pastas and meaty mains. If you eat all your greens, make…
Cafe in Pärnu


The name roughly translates as ‘organic-ish’, and local, seasonal fare is the focus of this cosy all-day cafe. There are cooked breakfasts, locally caught fish dishes and a divine array of cakes.
Pizza in Pärnu


The queue out front should alert you – this is a top choice for thin-crust and pan pizzas, particularly in summer when you can dine alfresco on the big, flower-filled terrace. The menu also stretches to pasta and, o…
Market in Pärnu

Old Market

Covered market; good for fruit and vegetables.
Modern European in Pärnu


Despite its low-key feel and tucked-away location (it's attached to a small hotel on a side street near the beach), Piparmünt is easily one of Pärnu's best restaurants. The menu changes constantly, but you can expec…
Modern European in Pärnu


Facing the water at the rear of the Heddon Spa & Hotel, Raimond delivers light lunches to a beachy crowd on its large terrace (soups, salads and a legendary beef tartare). In the evening the well-heeled slink in…