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Pärnu Airport lies on the northern edge of town, west of the Tallinn road, 4km from the town centre. It's only used by one small airline, Luftverkehr Friesland-Harle (LFH), for flights to the islands of Kihnu and Ruhnu, and then only in winter when sea travel is impossible. Bus 23 runs from the bus station to the airport twice a day (15 minutes), or a taxi should cost no more than €3.


Pärnu Yacht Club has a marina with a customs point, along with a restaurant and accommodation.


Buses stop at the corner of Pikk and Ringi, but the main bus station ticket office is about 100m away, across Ringi (look for the red 'bussijaam' sign). International coaches head from here to as far afield as St Petersburg and Vilnius. The main domestic destinations:

  • Tallinn (€6.50 to €11, two hours, at least hourly)
  • Tartu (€9.60 to €12, 2¾ hours, 12 daily)
  • Viljandi (€6 to €6.80, 1½ hours, 11 daily)
  • Kuressaare (€13, 3½ hours, four daily)
  • Haapsalu (€5.05, 2½ hours, daily)

Car & Motorcycle

Rental options include Avis, which is based at the Hotel Pärnu.


Three daily trains run between Tallinn and Pärnu (€7.60, 2¼ hours), but this isn’t a great option given that Pärnu station is an inconvenient 5km east of the town centre in a difficult to find and to access spot on a major road. There’s no station office; buy tickets on the train. Note, if you're coming from Tallinn, make sure you get in the right carriages as part of the train unhooks at Lelle and continues on a different track to Viljandi.