Top Choice Modern Estonian in Otepää

Mr Jakob

Otepää's best restaurant is hidden away at the golf club, 4km west of Pühajärv. The menu is as contemporary and playful as the decor, taking Estonian classics such as pork ribs and marinated herring fillets and prod…
Cafe in Otepää


The hippy manifesto at the start of the menu informs us that lumi means snow, and among all the talk of good energy, there’s a fairly traditional list of pasta, fish, pork, lamb and chicken dishes. The groovy vibe c…
Modern European in Otepää

Pühajärve Restaurant

From the 1960s to 1980s this was Otepää’s most famous restaurant, but when the Soviet Union went down the gurgler it followed in its wake. The opening of the attached Clubhotel has given Pühajärve a new lease of lif…
Pub Food in Otepää

Pühajärve Pub

The lakeside hotel’s casual, all-day pub caters to everyone (kids, vegetarians, et al) with an extensive menu. The sunny outdoor terrace is the place to be, but the brick-lined interior, with pool tables and open fi…
Pub Food in Otepää

Oti Pubi

In an octagonal building draped in ski memorabilia in the centre of town, the 'bear pub' has a loyal local following. It's a good spot for a drink and a meal, so long as you’re not expecting any surprises from the m…
Bakery in Otepää

Edgari Pood

Stock up on sliced meat and vodka or grab some pastries for a cheap and tasty breakfast.