Museum in Narva

Narva Museum

Museum admission gives you the opportunity to ascend Hermann Tower to a wooden viewing gallery, while checking out exhibits on each level of your climb (of varying degrees of interest and relevance, not all with Eng…
Gallery in Narva

Art Gallery

Spread over three floors of a 19th-century gunpowder storeroom on the Gloria bastion, Narva’s art gallery has an interesting collection, the highlight being the historic, pre-WWII items.
Castle in Narva

Narva Hermann Castle

Built by the Danes at the end of the 13th century and strengthened over successive centuries, this imposing castle, along with Russia’s matching Ivangorod Fortress across the river, creates an architectural ensemble…
Church in Narva

Alexander Church

Named after the Russian tsar assassinated while it was being built (1881–1884), this Lutheran church is the largest religious building in Estonia. It was badly damaged in both of the world wars and the hefty octagon…
Church in Narva

Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection

Hidden, in typical Soviet atheist style, among dingy apartment blocks northwest of the train station, this 1896 cathedral has an attractive red-brick exterior and a glittering core. Check out the frescoes inside the…